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Visit China in January 2015

See Beijing, and the Forbidden Palace in Winter, good chance of Snow.

TOURS: Groups and Private Tours
We offer Two South African Guides who take small groups to China on tours, showing you where to go where to eat, what to see, taking you and showing you all the things you MUST SEE and places that are not offered on ordinary tours. We are also available to do PRIVATE TOURS. A Private tour is: one or two of our guides going with you all the way to and from China and making your visit more fun, and worth every penny as you get to see and experience things you would not be able to without a guide.

Why are we better:
We are better for TWO REASONS:
1 How terrible will it be if you arrive in China and the guide that is SUPPOSED to be there is not, with us, we Leave with you from South Africa. Also, many "guides" dont really speak English properly thus making your experience less enjoyable.
2 We actually save you Money (showing you best places to eat and shop and not get ripped off, and how to barter and see the places you want to see without paying the hiked prices foreigners that look like Americans, get charged), we save you TIME (we know how the transport works, and the best times, and the places opening and closing etc, and how to get to places and where to go, so we save you time and thus you are able to see more and experience DOUBLE of what you would if you did not take us with), and best of all EASY HASSLE FREE (we do everything, from the VISA, the HOTEL, the FLIGHTS the ITINERARY etc, so all you do is pitch up and everything is taken care of).