Our Shop is Situated at the Dragon Palace Durban, an open land of Forest and Beauty, with a Chinese Kung Fu Theme. The Dragon Palace is still in development, and we are slowly adding facilities and will eventually become a fully fledged Chinese Cultural Centre with Kungfu as it's focus.

We have a social atmosphere where you can come and browse for goodies. You can have coffee, cuppucino or Five types of Green tea (proper Green Tea directly from Beijing, not the cheap export tea bag stuff you get locally). On Fridays we stay open later and offer a cake of the day. This is a specialised shop that sells just Chinese and Martial arts supplies, from shoes, weapons, DVDs, Rare Books & Secondhand Books, Uniforms and Fighting Shorts, Meditation beads and Taiji Music. We carry a whole lot of stuff related to Body Mind & Soul of the eastern Warrior. Being specialised, we dont have lots of people, so come through chat to one of us about the arts etc. We carry some items and some books that are only available in a few places in the world, mainly China.

We have some Low Priced items and also Rare and Limited items.
Some products are Hand Picked by ourselves in Beijing China

Martial arts Uniforms,
Fight Shorts & Shoes
Chinese Mandarins
Belt Buckles

Full Hand Gloves, Fingerless Gloves, Mouth Guards, Shorts

Traditional Weapons
Japanese Katana (Very good Quality Katana with oil care sword kit, Black & White)
Wooden Bokken (Dao) Adults & Kids Size
Kungfu Straight Swords (Tai Chi)
Kung Fu Broadswords (Wushu)
Chain Whips
Deer Horns
Shuanggun (Nanchakus)
Shuriken 4/5/6/7 points (Ninja Stars)
Throwing Knives
Kung Fu Fans
Sword Carry Bags

We have one of the biggest collections of Meditation Beads
Meditation Beads (made from: Wood, metal, glass, jade)
Standard for Neck
Standard for Wrist
Large & Extra Large for Neck

Tai Chi Music, Meditation Music
Rare Martial Art Books
Books with DVD combos
Teach Yourself DVDs
Teach yourself Books

Chinese Lanterns (Round & Square)
Chinese Traditional Vases
Chinese Bowls
Feng Shui Wind Chimes
Baqua Mirrors
Large Chinese Wall Fans
Buddha Figurines
Door Lions
Book Marks Metal
Book Marks Laminated
Porcelain Peking Opera Masks
Chinese Vases
Traditional Clasps for Chinese Boxes & Cupboards
Green-Tea Teapots
Green-Tea Cups
Top Quality Green-Tea (Not the cheap "for the west" green tea)

Chinese Muscular Plasters
Balm (Tiger)
Chinese Bath Salts
Foot Massagers
Foot Detox Pads

and More