The Chinese KungFu Association (C.K.A) has documented and thus opened the following for anyone wanting to grade and receive a grading in the following fields of study:

The C.K.A. Traditional Syllabus
Usage for teachers and students wanting to qualify in Traditional Kung Fu

The C.K.A. Traditional Examination Requirements Guide
Usage for teachers and students preparing for Examination in Traditional Kung Fu

The C.K.A. Kiddies Development & Foundation Syllabus & Grading Guidlines
Usage for teachers of Young children from 4 Years to about 9 Years of age

The C.K.A. Group Exercise Instructors’ (GEI) Syllabus
Usage for Instructors and Master Instructors teaching Chinese Movement Exercise (CME) in a Health Club or similar

The C.K.A. Wushu Sport Dan Grading Requirements
Usage for Professionals and Amateurs, Athletes and Judges of the Competitive Sporting Arena